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Wang Tao



Tao Wang is the Head of Asia Economics of BP group’s Economics Team. Dr. Wang is mainly responsible for analyzing macroeconomic trend and energy market developments in China and the Asia-Pacific region. Before she joined BP, Tao Wang was a senior economist at the International Monetary Fund, responsible for studying China’s macroeconomic development and structural reforms.


She has published a number of research papers on topics such as China’s pattern of growth, evolution of China’s real exchange rate, and issues affecting China’s long-term fiscal sustainability.


During the years she worked in the IMF, Tao Wang also worked on other economies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Prior to joining the IMF, she was the Chief Asia Economist at DRI/McGraw-Hill (currently Global Insight). She was responsible for modeling and forecasting economic trends in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.


Tao Wang received her Ph.D. in Economics in 1994 from New York University and her bachelor’s degree from Renmin University in Beijing. In 2004, Tao Wang served as a visiting professor at the School of Finance at Renmin University.


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