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The Rt Hon John Gummer MP


John Gummer was Margaret Thatcher’s Chairman of the Conservative Party and for 16 years a minister, becoming Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, and then Secretary of State for the Environment. 


His experience as an international negotiator has earned him worldwide respect both in the business community and among environmentalists. 


Previous to his ministerial career he was a successful businessman and Chairman of a medium sized plc.


In consecutive years, the BBC unprecedentedly awarded him the title ‘Parliamentarian who did most for the Environment Internationally’, while the NGO community called him ‘the best Environment Secretary we have ever had’. 


Since leaving office he has held the positions of Chairman of the International Commission on Sustainable Consumption, Chairman of the Marine Stewardship Council and Non-Executive Director of Kidde Plc.  He is currently Chairman of The Sancroft Group, Chairman of Valpak Ltd., Chairman of the Association of Independent Financial Advisors, and Chairman of Veolia UK Ltd. 


In December 2005 David Cameron appointed him Chairman of the Quality of Life Commission.


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