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Ben Chapman


Labour Party MP for Wirral South

Labour Member of Parliament for Wirral South since February 27, 1997 by-election.

Ministerial Responsibilities

Previously PPS to the Rt Hon Richard Caborn MP as:

Minister of State, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (Minister for the Regions, Regeneration and Planning) 1997-99; Minister of State, DTI (Minister for Trade) 1999-2001; Minister of State, Department of Culture Media & Sport (Minister for Sport) 2001-2005

Select Committees

Member, Security and Intelligence Committee 2005

Backbench Committees

Member, Labour Party Departmental Committees for: Environment, Transport & the Regions 1997-2001; Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs 1997-2001; Trade & Industry 1997-2001;

Culture, Media & Sport 2001-2005.

All Party Parliamentary Groups


All Party Parliamentary Britain-China Group 1997; All Party Parliamentary Cleaning & Hygiene Products Industry Group 1999; All Party Parliamentary Vietnam Group 2003; Previously All Party Parliamentary British-Turkey Group 1997-2001


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