CCTV broadcasts TV formats developed on CMC Innovation courses

China Central Television’s participation in CMC Innovation courses has resulted in three major series going into production during 2017. All were developed by a CMC team including Course Leader David Morgenstern (formerly BBC Head of Development), leading UK Producers and script specialists.

  • Man against AI (机智过人)  has already been broadcast and established itself as a popular reality series. The show tests human brainpower against AI. In developing this idea, the CMC Innovation team developed a collaboration with staff at FST’s Robotics Lab.  The series format involves smart, AI-powered bots taking on human competitors in complex trials involving face and voice recognition.
  • Incredible Legend (非常传奇) has already been aired. It is a reality programme featuring the journey of Chinese top celebrities as they learn the ancient arts of Chinese cultural heritage, including the Dragon Dance, face-changing in Sichuan opera, etc. 
  • National Treasure (国家宝藏) is in production and will be broadcast early 2018. NT is a studio entertainment show featuring nine national museums in China and their role in China’s cultural history.

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