Upcoming Seminar: Vincent Ni from the BBC to Speak on 02 December 2015

The China Media Centre has the pleasure to announce its first seminar for academic year 2015-2016. This event is open to all members of the public, but it is recommended that all register for the event. China Media Centre 2015 Winter Seminar “JUST WRITE WHAT YOU’VE SEEN”:
 THE BBC AND ITS CHINA COVERAGE Speaker: Mr Vincent Ni Date: Wednesday, 02 December 2015 Time: 14:00 – 16:00 (with refreshments to follow) Venue: A6.07 Chair: Dr David Feng OPEN TO ALL The BBC is widely known as a major player in the world media, offering also services in Chinese. Its in-depth reporting and a “just write what you’ve seen” commitment to coverage means it includes content and people that the official Beijing news sources tend to shy away from. There remains an equal amount of misunderstanding, conflict, and news coverage gap between the BBC and China-based official media. He is here to discuss these issues further, to share first-hand experience, and also give advice to students seeking to enter the world of journalism. Vincent Weifeng Ni is a senior producer at the BBC World Service, who has just recently covered the historic election in Myanmar. He appears on BBC Chinese, World Service radio, and BBC World TV, and is now also a fellow at the RSA. Until 2014, he was a foreign correspondent for Caixin Media. At Caixin, he served as its correspondent in Washington, DC, New York, Cairo, and London. Ni covered the 2012 US general election and extensively reported on the debt crises in Europe from London, Berlin, and France. During the Arab Spring in Egypt in 2011, he was one of the very few Chinese journalists reporting from Cairo’s Tahrir Square. In November 2011, with a colleague Ni won a runner-up place in the London Foreign Press Association’s annual awards in the category Financial / Economic Story of the Year. He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Oxford, where he was the recipient of the Hoare Family / China-Oxford Scholarship in the field of Social Science. He was also the China Fellow at Columbia Journalism School in 2012-13.

China Media Centre 2015 Winter Seminar–18 March 2015 2pm – 4pm@A6.09

China Media Centre 2015 Winter Seminar THE RISE OF CHINESE SOFT POWER UntitledSpeaker: Zhang He, correspondent, China Central Television, London Date: Wednesday 18th March 2015 Time: 2pm – 4pm Venue: A6.09, Harrow Campus Chair: Professor Hugo de Burgh   OPEN TO ALL Zhang He joined CCTV in 2012 and was posted to Britain to prepare the way for the expansion of CCTV's operation in Europe. In this seminar, he will reflect on China's rising media influence and public diplomacy, the difference between Chinese and western media, and the new challenges posed by the information age. Zhang He studied at the China Foreign Affairs University, which is affiliated to China's Foreign Ministry. After graduation, he worked for the English Service at China Radio International, covering stories across China such as the Sichuan earthquakes, the Shanghai Expo and the Guangzhou Asian Games. He spent a month travelling across Pakistan from Karachi to the Karakoram Highway and filed a series of reports on China's influence overseas. Since arriving in London, Zhang He has travelled to fifteen European countries and covered major international stories in Chinese and English for CCTV. If you have any inquiry about CMC events, please contact Alja Kranjec at A.Kranjec@westminster.ac.uk

China Media Centre 2015 Winter Seminar–A JOURNEY TO THE WEST

China Media Centre 2015 Winter Seminar A JOURNEY TO THE WEST Speaker: Mr Shirong Chen Date: Wednesday 14th January 2015 Time: 1:30pm – 3:30 pm Venue: A7.1, Harrow Campus Chair: Professor Hugo de Burgh shirong chen           OPEN TO ALL

A visiting scholar from China embarked on a year-long personal journey to England to learn new education technologies that he intended to take back with him. He ended up working for more than a decade as a journalist/editor for the BBC, one of the biggest and most influential media organisations in the world. Now he has turned his energy to China Report, a news magazine he publishes in conjunction with China News Service, one of the two main news agencies in China. The magazine is dedicated to promoting understanding between China and Western Europe. Shirong Chen’s personal journey takes place against the backdrop of a changing and increasingly powerful China, He started his journey almost like Wukong in the legendary Story of the Monkey, overcoming many tests and challenges to get to China's west for the original Buddhist Sutras. But the journey has turned out to be a lasting quest for journalistic wisdom and skills to stay ahead of the new media wave.

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China Media Centre 2014 Winter Seminar

SOCIAL MEDIA AND CHINA IN THE PAST DECADE Speaker: Dr David Feng Date: Wednesday, 05 November 2014 Time: 14:00 – 16:00 Venue: A6.08, Harrow Campus Chair:Dr Paul Dwyer OPEN TO ALL D Feng photoThis talk covers China’s social media development over the past decade in general, and in the past few years in particular.  Dr Feng has long been actively involved with social media in China: his presentation combines personal experience and the reasons behind the phenomenon with a more inter-disciplinary approach. The talk examines the blogging community in China as well as the use of Twitter, Facebook, WeChat and Weibo there and the attitudes to social media of the administrations of Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping.  It also covers key “social mediated” events including the CCTV headquarters fire, the Wenzhou high-speed rail crash and the rise and fall of “big Vs” (prominent social media users with verified accounts). It further discusses what might be next for social media in a country in which the idea of the government being mere keystrokes away was alien just a few years ago. Read more


China Media Centre 2014 Winter Seminar


Speaker: Ms LI Wenyun Date: Wednesday 19th February 2014 Time: 2-4pm Venue: A1.04 Chair: Professor Hugo de Burgh OPEN TO ALL LI Wenyun LI Wenyun is coming to the end of her posting as the UK bureau chief of the People's Daily.  The People’s Daily is China’s leading newspaper of record, the leading Party newspaper which has been going through enormous changes in recent years. It now has a very successful online edition, Renminwang, and many other spin offs. She has been reporting for the newspaper in London for the past three years, but has worked for the People's Daily for more than thirty years, having joined its International News Department in 1976.  She was previously the paper's India bureau chief in Delhi (1998-2001) and the Western USA bureau chief in Los Angeles (2003-2007). More about China Media Centre and seminars see http://chinamediacentre.org/ If you have any inquiry about CMC events, please contact Alja Kranjec at A.Kranjec@westminster.ac.uk