London Book Fair: Launch of the Walk for Peace by Lord Bates

《为和平徒步——中国之旅的超文化体验》 首发式暨版权签约仪式在伦敦举行

常向群 教授 2017年3月14日,在伦敦书展,中国国际出版集团展位,新世界出版社与全球中国出版社共同主办了《为和平徒步——中国之旅的超文化体验》首发式暨版权签约仪式。 《为和平徒步——中国之旅的超文化体验》一书是新世界出版社于2016年策划出版的汉英合订本《徒步中国——爱与和平的信仰征程》的英国版。本书收录了麦克•贝茨勋爵2015年在中国从北京徒步至杭州的70余篇徒步日记和沿途照片,真实记录了这位英国政要眼中的当代中国和沿途感悟。书中还包括5个附录,提供了“为和平徒步”系列活动的相关信息。 本书作者麦克•贝茨勋爵是英国上议院议员,终身贵族,曾任保守党副主席、上议院副议长及副主席,现任英国政府国际发展部国务大臣。麦克•贝茨勋爵于2009年开始进行慈善公益徒步,2011年在夫人雪琳的帮助下开始进行长距离慈善公益徒步。2015年,他从北京徒步到杭州,为中国红十字会募集了九万英镑。截至2016年,他徒步的足迹已遍布包括阿根廷、巴西、中国、英国、德国、希腊等在内的23个国家。在他徒步进行慈善活动的过程中,先后收到潘基文、罗格、罗马教皇、巴赫、卡梅伦、伊丽莎白女王的接见或致辞问候,还受到了习近平主席的点名赞扬。本书由英国为和平徒步基金会主席、英国中华总商会常务副主席兼秘书长、英国浙江联谊会主席李雪琳•贝茨勋爵夫人翻译、汇编而成。 Read more

China Media Centre 2016 Winter Seminar – Prof Qian Yufang, Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, China

seminarTHE APPLICATION OF CORPORA IN MEDIA DISCOURSE ANALYSIS Speaker: Prof Qian Yufang Research Centre for Discourse and Communications,

Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, China

Date: Wednesday, 7 December 2016 Time: 14:00 – 16:00 Venue: RS 501, 309 Regent Street W1B 2HW Chair: Professor Chang Xiangqun OPEN TO ALL Abstract: The past few decades have seen corpus linguistics emerging as a new and dynamic social research method. Text corpora provide large databases of naturally-occurring discourse, enabling empirical analysis of the actual patterns of language use; and, when coupled with (semi-)automatic computational tools, the corpus-based approach enables analysis of a scope not otherwise feasible. Examples of real life language use are collected, in order to support or negate the researcher’s hypothesis. Corpus access software can not only demonstrate the nonobvious in a single text, but expose ‘hidden thoughts’ beyond the researcher’s expectation. Corpus investigation is useful for critical linguists, because the observed frequent repetitions help the researchers to identify and make explicit descriptions of texts. Corpora can play an extremely important role in critical social research, allowing researchers to identify objectively widespread patterns of naturally occurring language and rare but telling examples, both of which may be overlooked in a small-scale analysis. Key words: corpora, media discourse, research method, corpus analytical tools Biography: Qian Yufang, Professor and Head of the Research Centre for Discourse and Communications, Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, China. Her research interests include discourse studies, discourse communication and corpus linguistics. Her book Discursive constructions around terrorism in the Peoples Daily and The Sun before and after 9.11, Oxford Peter Lang, won the National Prize for Outstanding Achievement of Social Science, which is the top governmental prize for social science in China. She has published series of journal articles on corpus-based media discourse analysis. She has completed two Ministry of Education Social Science Projects. She is currently directing one China National Social Science Foundation Project. In 2013, she was appointed as an expert of appraisal for National Social Science Project; in the same year, she was appointed as the member of Teaching Guiding Committee for College Foreign Language Majors under the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education. In 2014, she was awarded as Provincial Excellent Teacher by Zhejiang Provincial Government. If you have any inquiry about CMC events, please contact Alja Kranjec at:

China Media Centre Spring 2016 Seminar: Prof Michel Hockx (SOAS, University of London)

Speaker: Prof Michel Hockx (SOAS, University of London) Date: Wednesday, 24 February 2016 Time: 14:00 – 16:00 (with refreshments to follow) Venue: A6.03 Chair: Dr David Feng OPEN TO ALL This paper surveys the development of online creative writing in Mainland China in the past fifteen years. It demonstrates how online communities are bringing about unprecedented changes in the structure of the Chinese literary field, both through literary and aesthetic innovations and through challenges to the established system of publishing. Both high-end and low-end forms of literary production are taken into account. The Chinese phenomena are discussed against the background of recent debates in western scholarship about the concept of “world literature,” which so far have largely excluded online texts. Bio: Michel Hockx (b. 1964) is Professor of Chinese at SOAS, University of London, and founding director of the SOAS China Institute. He studied Chinese language and literature at Leiden University in The Netherlands, and at Liaoning and Beijing Universities in China. His research focuses on modern and contemporary Chinese literary communities, their publications, their values, and their interaction with state regulators. He has also published on modern Chinese poetry. His most recent monograph, Internet Literature in China, came out with Columbia University Press in 2015. If you have any inquiry about CMC events, please contact Alja Kranjec at:

Trends of the Chinese Internet of Tomorrow

David Feng (Bio, All Articles) Just earlier this month, CNNIC (the China Network Information Centre) came out with its 35th report about the Chinese Internet. Done twice every year, it reported that China has (still!) yet to reach the point at which over half the population was online. It also reported a few others ups and downs, although even here with the slower-than-expected growth, the Chinese Internet of tomorrow still remains an interesting place to keep one’s eye out for. Internet access Even a mere skim of the report reveals fascinating insights about how the Internet of China might develop. Here are some of the more interesting findings: Read more