Event: Family and State in Britain and China: Lessons for Policy-Makers in Welfare

The Resolution Foundation and the China Media Centre, University of Westminster, would like to invite you to meet Professor Alan MacFarlane, the Cambridge anthropologist, one of the great experts on family structures and how they shape societies. We are inviting him to go further and investigate what the means for the welfare state in countries with different social structures

The Resolution Foundation is looking to apply MacFarlane’s analysis of the evolution of English society to the understanding of present social issues. The University of Westminster’s China Media Centre has drawn upon MacFarlane to explain Chinese politics and the distinctive institutions of Chinese society. We believe that many others are and will find his insights valuable in helping interpret social phenomena and devise policy prescriptions.

To share our interest in his work and to provide an opportunity to discuss it, we have invited Professor MacFarlane to introduce two seminars (15th June and 27th June) and to debate with an invited audience. There will be two primed discussants at each seminar; Professor Pat Thane and Lady Stroud of Fulham will be present at the first one.

Seminar 1

Wednesday, 15 June, 6-7.30pm, with refreshments available from 5.30pm

This event on will focus on how the UK’s approach to social policy is rooted in the exceptional nature of the Anglophone family system.

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Seminar 2

Monday, 27 June, 6-7.30pm, with refreshments available from 5.30pm

This event, on Monday 27 June, will focus on how current Chinese policy choices derive from cultural assumptions that contrast sharply from the UK and the West.

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Both lectures will be held at:
Resolution Foundation
2 Queen Anne’s Gate
London, SW1H 9AA

We very much hope that you will be able to attend this event at the Resolution Foundation. We have a limited number of places available, and we highly advise you to respond by 27th May to secure your place.

With best wishes

David Willetts
Executive Chairman
The Resolution Foundation

Hugo de Burgh
The China Media Centre, University of Westminster