CMC Conferences



2014 CMC Conference: China’s Media Go Global, with Tsinghua University in September 2014, Beijing, China

China is dramatically increasing its media presence in the world and this is to be analysed and evaluated.

2013 CMC Conference: Communicating Soft Power: Contrasting Perspectives from India and China, London, UK

A pioneering attempt to discuss Asian soft power in a comparative framework.

2011 CMC Conference: The Changing Landscape of Global Communication, Renmin University, Beijing, China

Keynote Speakers included Zhao Qizheng, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Office of the CPPCC and spokesperson of the CPPCC.

2010 CMC Conference: China’s Soft Power, London, UK

Professor Li Xiguang, Dean of the Communications School at Tsinghua University and Professor Ni Ping, Deputy Dean of the Communications School at Renmin University, were the keynote speakers.

2009 CMC Conference: Creativity and Innovation in Chinese Media, London, UK

Topics included: joint deals between Chinese and overseas media companies, intellectual property rights and the Chinese media.

2008 CMC Conference: Changes and Challenges: China’s Media Today, London, UK 

Keynote speakers included Wang Lei, investigative journalist from Southern City News.

2008 CMC Conference: Investigative Journalism Goes Global, London, UK

The first international conference on investigative journalism brought in some of the Anglosphere’s best-known journalists: John Pilger (Freedom Next Time), Nick Davies, (Flat Earth News), Stephen Grey, (Ghost Plane). There was a seminar on Chinese Investigative Journalism, and a debate with Peter Oborne of the Daily Mail, Nick Davies, The Guardian journalist and Peter Barron, Editor of BBC Newsnight.

2007 CMC Conference: China, East Asia, Media and New Media, Brisbane, Australia

Hosted by the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation. Co-sponsored

by the Annenberg School

for Communication.

2006 CMC Conference: Modernisation, Modernity and the Media in China, London, UK