Minister Leng Rong’s visit

CMC was asked to help to arrange a visit for Minister Leng Rong, who is the Director of Central Committee’s Party Literature Research Center and Political Adviser to President Xi Jingping, when he came to the UK in the beginning of July. Minister Leng serves as Standing Vice-President and Deputy Secretary of Party Group of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences since 2004, Chairman of Association of China Scientific Socialism since 2008 and Chairman of the CPC Literature Research Association since 2009.

photo 3
Left to right: Toby Anstruther, Kate Pevsner Anstruther, Leng Rong, Hugo de Burgh.









Minister Leng visited various think thanks, including RUSI and Chatham House, and met with Professor Arne Westad of LSE Ideas. He made a brief visit to Scotland with the CMC Director and Dr Zeng Rong.

photos 6
Toby Anstruther, right, entertained Minister Leng Rong and showed him the working of a Scottish agricultural estate.










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