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Senior Advisor and Researcher

Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission


Date of Birth: August 22,1946

Nationality: China


Zhou Dadi, is former director general of Energy Research Institute under NDRC of China. His experience focuses on energy policy and energy system analysis. He has devoted for long time in the development of sustainable energy strategy, promoting policy on energy conservation, policy of environmental protection including climate change of China,

Current professional positions:

Member of the Expert Team of National Energy Leading Group of China,

Advisor to the National Energy Office on Energy Strategy

Member of the Expert Team of China for Climate Change,

Vice President of Board of Directors of the Chinese Society of Energy Research,

Board member of the Chinese Society of Sustainable Development,

Advisor of Building Energy Conservation to the Ministry of Construction of China,

Advisor to Shanxi Provincial Government,

Advisor on environment to Beijing Government,

Advisor to CNOOC,

Advisor to Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation.

Lead Author, and CLA of IPCC WG III.


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