Jeremy Paxman and Bai Yansong spoke at the Future of Public Media workshop in Beijing

China Media Centre hosted leading TV stars as they shared insights on the opportunities for potential China-UK media partnerships

Jeremy Paxman (principal news and current affairs presenter, BBC), Wang Hui (Head of Communications, City of Beijing) in the chair, Bai Yansong (principal news and current affairs presenter, CCTV)

Jeremy Paxman and China’s leading current affairs presenter and writer Bai Yansong joined Paul Jackson and David Morgenstern, from the UK television industry, at the the Future of Public Media workshop organised by the China Media Centre of the University of Westminster and the Communications University of China. The event took place in Beijing, China, on 12 January 2012.

The full-day workshop explored common experiences and challenges facing public media organisations in China and the UK. Contributors came from academic, journalistic, policy and business backgrounds and investigated where common interests and potential partnerships can exist despite real differences in media systems, giving participants the chance to identify areas of common interest and build the foundations for future partnerships.


The four visiting British speakers at the conference, with the Conference Director, Professor Hu Zhengrong. (From left to right: David Morgenstern, Paul Jackson, Professor Hu, Jeremy Paxman and Professor Hugo de Burgh)

Key speakers attending the workshop included:

From the United Kingdom

  • Jeremy Paxman, the UK’s leading current affairs presenter.
  • Paul Jackson, an outstanding UK TV producer, former executive producer of BBC and ITV’s entertainment departments.
  • David Morgenstern, former director of BBC’s entertainment programme development department, currently Director of 10 Star company’s Programme R & D Department.
  • Prof Hugo de Burgh, Director of China Media Centre, University of Westminster.

From China:

  • Prof Hu Zhengrong, Deputy President of Communications University of China, Chairman of Chinese Media Research Association and the Honorary Doctor of the University of Westminster
  • Bai Yansong, China’s leading current affairs presenter and writer.
  • Yang Hua, Deputy Director of the CCTV News Centre
  • Zhang Haichao, Deputy General Manager of China International Television Corporation (CITVC)
  • Ren Xue’an, Deputy Director of CCTV Channel 1

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