China Media Centre 2015 Winter Seminar–18 March 2015 2pm – 4pm@A6.09

China Media Centre 2015 Winter Seminar

UntitledSpeaker: Zhang He, correspondent, China Central Television, London
Date: Wednesday 18th March 2015
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Venue: A6.09, Harrow Campus
Chair: Professor Hugo de Burgh



Zhang He joined CCTV in 2012 and was posted to Britain to prepare the way for the expansion of CCTV’s operation in Europe. In this seminar, he will reflect on China’s rising media influence and public diplomacy, the difference between Chinese and western media, and the new challenges posed by the information age.
Zhang He studied at the China Foreign Affairs University, which is affiliated to China’s Foreign Ministry. After graduation, he worked for the English Service at China Radio International, covering stories across China such as the Sichuan earthquakes, the Shanghai Expo and the Guangzhou Asian Games. He spent a month travelling across Pakistan from Karachi to the Karakoram Highway and filed a series of reports on China’s influence overseas. Since arriving in London, Zhang He has travelled to fifteen European countries and covered major international stories in Chinese and English for CCTV.

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Trends of the Chinese Internet of Tomorrow

David Feng (Bio, All Articles)

Just earlier this month, CNNIC (the China Network Information Centre) came out with its 35th report about the Chinese Internet. Done twice every year, it reported that China has (still!) yet to reach the point at which over half the population was online. It also reported a few others ups and downs, although even here with the slower-than-expected growth, the Chinese Internet of tomorrow still remains an interesting place to keep one’s eye out for.

Internet access

Even a mere skim of the report reveals fascinating insights about how the Internet of China might develop. Here are some of the more interesting findings:

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WeChat: Shaking China…

David Feng(Bio, All Articles)

Happy Year of the Sheep!

Some of us might remember what the shake does in Google Maps — we had quite a few that “shook” the phone with the app running by mistake — and were asked to provide feedback at a time when we were more likely shaking the app for having led us into a cul-de-sac! (Obviously, the timing wasn’t quite right!)

The shaking continued, as of late, but in a different part of the world…

Shake WeChat

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Mediating Transnational East Asian Masculinities


Mediating Transnational East Asian Masculinities
One-day Symposium funded by the British Academy

Date: 7 May 2015
Address: RS Boardroom, University of Westminster,
309 Regent Street London W1B 2HW

Convenors: Derek Hird (University of Westminster) and Geng Song (University of Hong Kong)

Co-hosted by the China Media Centre and the Contemporary China Centre at The University of Westminster, London


East Asian men are becoming increasingly visible in mediated forms around the world, in films, and broadcast, print, online and social media. East Asian countries’ growing participation in translocal and global circulations of people, images, ideas, goods and finance have resulted in East Asian masculinities assuming more important roles in imaginaries of masculinities. This symposium will explore media depictions of East Asian masculinities in transnational perspective, to better illuminate the ways in which they reveal the effects of transnational sociocultural, political and economic trends and transformations, and how they influence perspectives and practices of masculinities in local and global contexts. Read more