WeChat: Shaking China…

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Happy Year of the Sheep!

Some of us might remember what the shake does in Google Maps — we had quite a few that “shook” the phone with the app running by mistake — and were asked to provide feedback at a time when we were more likely shaking the app for having led us into a cul-de-sac! (Obviously, the timing wasn’t quite right!)

The shaking continued, as of late, but in a different part of the world…

Shake WeChat

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Mediating Transnational East Asian Masculinities


Mediating Transnational East Asian Masculinities
One-day Symposium funded by the British Academy

Date: 7 May 2015
Address: RS Boardroom, University of Westminster,
309 Regent Street London W1B 2HW

Convenors: Derek Hird (University of Westminster) and Geng Song (University of Hong Kong)

Co-hosted by the China Media Centre and the Contemporary China Centre at The University of Westminster, London


East Asian men are becoming increasingly visible in mediated forms around the world, in films, and broadcast, print, online and social media. East Asian countries’ growing participation in translocal and global circulations of people, images, ideas, goods and finance have resulted in East Asian masculinities assuming more important roles in imaginaries of masculinities. This symposium will explore media depictions of East Asian masculinities in transnational perspective, to better illuminate the ways in which they reveal the effects of transnational sociocultural, political and economic trends and transformations, and how they influence perspectives and practices of masculinities in local and global contexts. Read more

China Media Centre 2015 Winter Seminar–A JOURNEY TO THE WEST

China Media Centre 2015 Winter Seminar


Speaker: Mr Shirong Chen

Date: Wednesday 14th January 2015

Time: 1:30pm – 3:30 pm

Venue: A7.1, Harrow Campus

Chair: Professor Hugo de Burgh

shirong chen







A visiting scholar from China embarked on a year-long personal journey to England to learn new education technologies that he intended to take back with him. He ended up working for more than a decade as a journalist/editor for the BBC, one of the biggest and most influential media organisations in the world. Now he has turned his energy to China Report, a news magazine he publishes in conjunction with China News Service, one of the two main news agencies in China. The magazine is dedicated to promoting understanding between China and Western Europe. Shirong Chen’s personal journey takes place against the backdrop of a changing and increasingly powerful China, He started his journey almost like Wukong in the legendary Story of the Monkey, overcoming many tests and challenges to get to China’s west for the original Buddhist Sutras. But the journey has turned out to be a lasting quest for journalistic wisdom and skills to stay ahead of the new media wave.

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Shanghai Media Group, a leading Chinese communications corporation, sent a delegation of 15 young TV producers and directors to us to learn more about the creative process. Under our guidance they developed four potential programme formats. One proved to be a big weekend entertainment hit, generating enormous advertising revenue for SMG.

The challenge

SMG photoIn the past, programme development in China was haphazard: there was no system, no structure and no established process to develop an idea into a programme, much less maximise the success of a new format. Shanghai Media Group (SMG) had heard about UK producers and understood that development – turning an idea into a format – was an established practice in the UK. SMG wanted to learn the techniques to control and shape an idea to highlight its strengths, eliminate flaws and maximise the creativity of the team developing the idea.

They tasked the China Media Centre (CMC) with creating a mentoring course that offered both a strategic outlook and practical production techniques, but above all one that taught the members how to develop successful ideas. Read more